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Growing In Faith

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  • April 2018: The promise of the Resurrection is that faithful followers of Jesus will have new life. Whether we had a fruitful Lent or were lukewarm in our resolve, we can begin now to become new creations.  The main article on page one explains.  There is more to being a Catholic disciple than attending Mass - although the Eucharist is a great foundation for a solid Catholic life.  Discipleship moves us to commit to following Jesus no matter what the cost.  The main article on page two gives several perspectives.  The Resurrection may have happened long ago, but it remains the most important event in human history.  Our popular Q&A feature on page two explains.
  • March 2018: Jesus elevated care for others to the level of a Commandment.  By asking, "Who then, is my neighbor?", our main article on page one asks readers to rethink whom they are asked to treat with care.  "If God is good, why does He allow bad things to happen?" is a heart-wrenching question to answer when a loved one is suffering.  Our main article on page two helps readers see that God's hand is in all things.  The Sacrament of Penance and Reconciliation is a gift Jesus gave us to enable us to always come home.  Our popular Q&A feature explains how to get the most out of this wonderful encounter with Christ's mercy.





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