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Growing In Faith

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  • February 2019 Issue: God felt it was so critical that we have a day of rest that He made it a Commandment.  While non-negotiable for God's people, a busy person may find it hard to do Sunday right.  Our tips on page one may help.  None of us is perfect, but owning up to mistakes, and obtaining forgiveness when we have wronged others, can be difficult.  Yet, it is key to spiritual growth.  Our main article on page two gives details.  In this week's Scripture lesson, Jesus “updates” the old understanding of justice to God's true justice, which is infinitely wiser and more perfect than current understanding.  It includes mercy for all.
  • January 2019 Issue: We start the New Year with the best of intentions, but life can get in the way of success.  As we start a New Year, we can become our best self – with God’s help and support.  See page one.  Hurt feelings and holding grudges feel terrible.  It makes good sense to forgive – and it’s an important request Jesus made of us.  Our main article on page two gives details.  Making a Holy Hour before the Blessed Sacrament is a powerful way to connect with Our Lord.  Our popular Q&A column explains just how to get the most out of this devotion.









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